SLUGGER Corporate series combo of Batting Leg guards/Pads, Gloves, and Thigh guard/pad

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SLUGGER Corporate Cricket Batting Leg Guards or Pads (Taiwan material)

PVC material (Initial quality) < Taiwan material (Medium quality) < Lovelon material (High quality)

SLUGGER Corporate Cricket Batting Leg Guards or Pads are high quality batting pads for corporates cricketers. The pad is beautifully designed to make you look stunning on the cricket pitch.

At SLUGGER, we understand that you want to enjoy your game, SLUGGER Corporate Batting pads are designed for making your batting experience comfortable and enjoyable. The SLUGGER Corporate Batting pads provides complete leg protection with extra ankle protection to protect your ankle against lethal fast bowling attack.

SLUGGER Corporate batting pads are made of Taiwan material for better durability and longer life. Even when you dive on the harsh cricket pitch, SLUGGER Corporate batting pads will not lose their shine and grace


  • Taiwan material provides durability and longer life
  • Low-density foam for impact absorption
  • Extra low-density foam for knee protection
  • Special ankle protection to protect your ankle against ruthless Yorkers
  • Premium velcro fastening
  • Heavy duty buckle for longer life
  • Feather light weight gives more comfort
  • Calve protection with side flaps


SLUGGER Corporate Cricket Batting gloves (Lovelon material) 

You will get a FREE SLUGGER branded Cricket Batting Glove cover.

The SLUGGER Corporate Cricket Batting glove is a high quality batting glove for corporates cricketers. The glove is beautifully designed to make you look stunning on the cricket pitch. 

At SLUGGER, we understand that you want to enjoy your game, SLUGGER Corporate Batting gloves designed for making your batting experience comfortable and enjoyable. SLUGGER Corporate Batting gloves provide complete hand protection with double padding on top, with extra finger protection to protect your finger against lethal fast bowling attacks.

SLUGGER Corporate Batting gloves are made with moisture wicking material that keeps your hand sweat-free


  • Extra fiber inserts to protect your finger against fast bowling attack
  • Low-density foam for impact absorption
  • Leather palm for stronger grip
  • The back of the hand features a Soft comfort foam and a multi-section pattern
  • Durable wristband and premium quality velcro fastening
  • Feather light weight
  • Airflow gusset from palms and sides
  • Low density foam side bars for extra protection from the sides 

SLUGGER GO Combo Cricket Thigh Guard/Pad (Cotton material)

The SLUGGER GO Cricket thigh pad/guard is a initial level combo thigh pad/guard for both inner and outer thigh. The SLUGGER GO thigh pad/guard comes with hard padding on the outer surface and soft padding on the inner to give you extra protection against lethal fast bowling attack.

At SLUGGER, we understand that when you start or restart your cricket, you don’t want to spend too much on equipment. Therefore, we have especially designed this entry-level thigh guard/pad for you. SLUGGER GO Thigh guard/pad gives you the complete thigh protection.

The cloth used to cover the inner layer of the SLUGGER GO Thigh pad dries quickly, improving the longevity. The quick drying property of the inner material prevents your pad from bad smell.

The lightweight material complements your game and enhances your reflexes


  • Cotton cloth provides better durability and longer life
  • Quick dry inner cloth
  • Low-density foam for impact absorption
  • High quality velcro fastening
  • Feather light weight gives more comfort

Product return:

The product can be returned within 3 days of delivery. The amount will be refunded within 15 days of delivery.

Return is only applicable if the product has no wear and tear. In case, the product is dirty or damaged, the return will not be accepted by SLUGGER. 

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