"A Story of Passion and Excellence: The Slugger Journey"

Our story starts in India, where cricket is both passion and life. It was here that our founders, Praver and Rishabh, first experienced the thrill of the game. Growing up, they were both passionate cricket players and dreamed of playing professionally. However, life happened, Praver and Rishabh had to give up their dreams of playing professionally.

After working in corporate jobs in leading companies such as Deloitte, EY and PwC, they decided to make the most of their love for the game and founded Slugger, a brand dedicated to providing superior quality cricket equipment. They used the best quality materials, craftsmanship, and design to create top-notch cricket gear.

Today, Slugger is a full-fledged sports equipment store, where you can find cricket batting pads, cricket batting gloves, leather balls, wicket keeping pads, wicket keeping gloves, thigh guards, wrist bands, etc.

At our store, we understand that cricket is not just a game, its a passion. Its a passion that binds us together, that unites us as a community. We strive to provide the best quality cricket equipment to our customers, so that they can enjoy the game to its fullest.