3 Drills to Improve Your Bowling Speed

Enhancing your bowling speed is a game-changer in cricket, directly influencing your performance and the game's outcome. Recognizing the importance of physical conditioning and technique refinement, we've curated three essential drills that promise to elevate your bowling prowess. These drills, rooted in professional practices, are designed to bolster your core, refine your execution, and master your swing. Whether you're gearing up for the season or seeking to maintain peak performance, our guide is tailored for bowlers at any stage of their journey. From preseason preparations to in-season enhancements, incorporating these exercises into your routine will not only escalate your speed but also fortify your resilience against injuries. Let's unlock the potential within and set the groundwork for a faster, more formidable bowling technique.

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Overview of Drills 

Our comprehensive guide breaks down into three meticulously designed drills, each serving a unique purpose in your journey to faster bowling. First, the Prehab Drill - Med Ball Slams focuses on core strengthening and injury prevention, a foundational aspect for any athlete aiming for speed and endurance. Next, the Execution Drill - The Yorker zeroes in on skill refinement, enabling bowlers to deliver precise, toe-crushing yorkers consistently. Finally, the Swing Drill - Swing Around The Stump offers a practical approach to mastering ball swing, an essential skill for outmaneuvering batsmen. Together, these drills form a holistic training regimen that addresses the physical, technical, and strategic facets of bowling. By dedicating time and effort to these exercises, bowlers can expect significant improvements in speed, accuracy, and overall game performance, laying the groundwork for success on the field.


Drill 1: Prehab Drill - Med Ball Slams

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The journey to faster bowling begins with a strong foundation, and the Prehab Drill - Med Ball Slams is designed to build just that. A staple in elite cricket training, this drill targets the core and stabilizing muscles, essential for both injury prevention and power generation. By incorporating medicine ball slams into your routine, you're taking a critical step towards enhancing your bowling speed while safeguarding your body against common cricket injuries.


The core serves as the epicenter of power for bowlers. Strengthening this area through dynamic movements not only boosts your ability to generate speed but also ensures a stable base, reducing the risk of injury. The Med Ball Slams drill is invaluable for both pre-season conditioning and in-season warm-ups, preparing your body for the rigors of fast bowling.

Equipment Needed

  • Medicine ball (weight varies by age and strength):
    • 10-12 years: 1kg
    • 12-14 years: 2kg
    • 14-17 years: 3kg
    • 17+ years: 3-4kg
  • A partner (for optimal execution)

How To Perform

  • Warm-Up Med Ball Slam: Begin by standing shoulder-width apart, holding the medicine ball above your head with straight arms. Engage your core and twist your torso to slam the ball into the ground on your left side. Catch it on the bounce and repeat on the right side, alternating for 30-60 seconds. This movement warms up the muscles and prepares them for the more intensive exercises to follow.
  • Double Leg Med Ball Slam: Increase the intensity by having your partner throw the medicine ball to your hands, positioned above your head, from about a meter away. Catch the ball, using your core to stop its momentum, then slam it into the ground between you and your partner. Aim to bounce the ball towards them, repeating the exercise six times.
  • Single Leg Med Ball Slam - Back and Front Foot: Further challenge your balance and core stability by performing the slam on a single leg. First, focus on using only your back leg, ensuring it's aligned similarly to your bowling stance. Then, switch to the front leg only, maintaining balance and power throughout each slam.

Incorporating the Prehab Drill - Med Ball Slams into your training regimen offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing bowling speed. It not only fortifies the core and stabilizing muscles but also primes your body for the demands of fast bowling, setting a solid foundation for advanced techniques and speed development. 

Drill 2: Execution Drill - The Yorker

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Mastering the yorker, a delivery that can unnerve even the most seasoned batsmen, requires precision, practice, and a keen focus on execution. This drill is designed to sharpen your skills in delivering this potent weapon with unwavering accuracy and consistency. Here's how you can integrate this drill into your training regimen to become proficient in executing yorkers across various match scenarios. 


The essence of the Execution Drill is to isolate and perfect the yorker delivery. By concentrating solely on this skill, you eliminate distractions, allowing for a focused enhancement of your ability to target the batsman's feet. This drill not only improves your precision but also builds confidence in your yorker under pressure, making it a reliable option during critical moments of the game.

Equipment Needed:

  • An empty net
  • A set of stumps
  • A cricket ball
  • Three targets (a shoe can serve as a versatile target to simulate a batsman's feet)

How to Execute:

  • Setup: Place three targets on the ground near the popping crease to represent the ideal landing spots for your yorker deliveries. These targets should cater to both left and right-handed batsmen, with one positioned for the straight delivery. Using a shoe as the target for the straight yorker adds a realistic dimension, mimicking a batsman's position.
  • Bowling to Targets: With the targets set, focus on bowling sets of six balls, aiming to hit or come close to these targets. Each delivery should be preceded by a verbal declaration of the target you're aiming for. This practice encourages precision and accountability for each ball bowled.
  • Adjustments and Repetitions: Continuously adjust your line, length, and pace based on the feedback from each delivery. The goal is to consistently reduce the distance between the ball and the targets, refining your control over the yorker.
  • Creating Competition: When practicing with partners or in a group, introduce a competitive element by keeping score of successful hits. This not only makes the drill more engaging but also simulates match-pressure situations, enhancing your ability to execute under stress.


This drill offers numerous benefits, including improved muscle memory for bowling yorkers, better control over ball placement, and heightened mental fortitude. Regular practice will make the yorker a more accessible and effective tool in your bowling arsenal, allowing you to disrupt batsmen's rhythm and increase your chances of securing crucial wickets in tight situations.

Incorporating the Execution Drill - The Yorker into your training routine promises to elevate your game, making you a more formidable bowler equipped with the skills to dominate the death overs.

Drill 3: Swing Drill - Swing Around The Stump

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Gaining mastery over the art of swinging the cricket ball is a crucial skill for any fast bowler. The ability to swing the ball both ways not only confounds batsmen but also significantly enhances your threat level on the pitch. The Swing Drill - Swing Around The Stump is meticulously designed to fine-tune your swing bowling skills, offering a clear, measurable target to gauge the effectiveness of your deliveries.


This drill is aimed at refining your ability to swing the ball with precision, providing immediate feedback on your technique. By setting a specific target, the drill helps you understand the nuances of release points, seam position, and speed required to make the ball deviate in the air effectively. It's an excellent exercise for developing a consistent swing, essential for outsmarting batsmen and finding their edges.

Equipment Needed:

  • An empty net
  • A set of stumps and a single stump
  • A new ball or a ball in good condition that is conducive to swinging

How to Execute:

  • Setup: Place a single stump approximately 5-6 meters in front of the main set of stumps. This distance simulates the area where the ball starts its swing towards the batsman. Depending on whether you're practicing in-swing or out-swing deliveries, position the single stump accordingly. For out-swingers, align it on the fifth or sixth stump line (from a right-hander's perspective), and for in-swingers, place it on the fourth stump or off-stump line.
  • Objective: The goal is to deliver the ball in such a way that it swings around the single stump, targeting the main stumps behind. For out-swing deliveries, aim to pass the right side of the stump (from a right-hander's perspective) and for in-swing, target passing the left side. Success is measured by the ball swinging enough to hit or narrowly miss the off-stump of the main set of stumps.
  • Repetition and Adjustment: Practice consistently, making slight adjustments to your grip, seam position, and point of release as needed. Focus on the swing's trajectory, observing how small changes affect the ball's path. This drill encourages experimentation and learning from each delivery's outcome.
  • Variations: To further challenge your skills and adaptability, alternate between in-swing and out-swing deliveries. Adjust the single stump's position to practice swinging the ball under different conditions and angles, enhancing your versatility as a bowler.


Engaging in this drill regularly sharpens your swing bowling techniques, enhancing your ability to control the ball's movement through the air. It builds a deeper understanding of how to manipulate the ball's seam and position to achieve the desired swing, making you a more formidable opponent on the field. With dedicated practice, the Swing Drill - Swing Around The Stump will not only improve your accuracy but also your confidence in utilizing swing bowling as a potent weapon in your arsenal.


As we wrap up our exploration of these three pivotal drills, it's clear that the journey to elevating your bowling speed is multifaceted, blending physical conditioning with skill refinement and strategic prowess. Each drill we've discussed— from the core-strengthening Med Ball Slams to the precision-demanding Yorker and the skill-enhancing Swing Around The Stump—serves as a building block towards becoming a more dynamic and formidable bowler. 

Consistency and dedication are key. Integrating these drills into your regular training routine will not only boost your bowling speed but also enhance your overall gameplay. Remember, the path to improvement is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular practice, combined with a focus on technique and strategy, will yield the best results over time.

We encourage you to share your progress, challenges, and success stories with us. Your journey inspires us, and together, we can build a community of passionate and dedicated cricketers striving for excellence. Remember, every practice session is an opportunity to improve, to push the boundaries, and to step closer to your cricketing aspirations.

In conclusion, let these drills be your stepping stones to achieving greater speed, accuracy, and consistency in your bowling. Embrace the process, stay committed, and watch as your efforts translate into remarkable performances on the field. For more insights, drills, and cricketing wisdom, keep exploring Slugger, your go-to destination for all things cricket. Together, let's bowl our way to victory!